Tattoo voucher

45 EUR

If you are thinking of getting my art tattooed on you, let me thank you for the big honour. I am thrilled about the fact that my illustrations may cause a positive effect on you!

This being said, if you would like to support the artist, as it is fair to do, this is your opportunity. 

If people is willing to pay tattoo artists for tattooing other illustrators' work, then it's only fair that the very creator of the artwork gets their support too.

With the purchase of this voucher (no physical ticket or document will be shipped), you can choose any of my illustrations to get them on your skin. Click here to get a closer look:

Please notice that this voucher only includes an already existing illustration. For any personal commissions, please get in contact by email at hello [!at]

PS: Please send me a picture of your tattoo after it's done, I'd love to see it!